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Pretty simple.

You can select from our precooked ingredients, dry goods, and specialty produce and build out your grocery box for the week or your meal for the day. We also have actual ready meals which can give you some ideas of how we came up with putting these ingredients together and they are also the quickest solution to a decent meal

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a working parent with a tight schedule who wants to cook healthy and nutritional meals for the family, or someone who is just looking for nutritional and easy food, at Misfit Union you can built your customized grocery box to meet your needs.

At Misfit Union, we give you the wider choice of what you might want to eat tonight, the idea of knowing what is going in your meal, the idea of being able to mix and match what you want to eat whilst at the same time, you get to order it via a delivery system and service geared for fast food.

So you can skip the trip to the grocery store and join the evolution!

Yes, cooking is required for certain ingredients. Ingredients are precooked and will need to be finished in the pan/oven for a couple of minutes before consumption

We try to source our ingredients from local producers as much as possible in an effort to provide you with seasonal and fresh products and at the same time minimize waste.

We’re always looking for great new farms and producers.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please reach out directly to our team at [email protected]

You may cancel your order and receive a refund at any time , if you notify us via email on [email protected] or contact us at 77111122.

For Regular orders, you can cancel or pause your Regular orders at any time in the Regular section of your account page or by contacting us at 77111122

There is a minimum order requirement of €10 for every order placed and a delivery charge of €2. Free delivery applies for orders over €25.

Any order shall be delivered within the next hour. Alternatively, you may select from our delivery slots as follows:

  • 10:00 -12:00
  • 12:00-14:00
  • 14:00-16:00
  • 16:00-18:00
  • 18:00-20:00

Our working Days are Monday – Saturday