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The Union

Who am I?

  • I am the best cook in your house besides your mother and grandmother
  • I am the answer to what your fitness instructor would ask you to eat
  • I am your personal chef that has everything precooked for you to choose from while minimizing waste
  • I am your chance to try new tastes you would not bother making at home
  • I am your answer to your kid pestering you they are hungry
  • I am the solution when you have people over and want to make something delicious and hassle free
  • but most importantly I am the meal that puts a smile on your face every time

What do we want to change?

Why do we need to choose between a fully cooked meal from a delivery restaurant where half the time it doesn’t arrive as expected, or a grocery store where the whole process of defrosting, cutting, cleaning, cooking is time-consuming and not the most pleasant experience? Why can’t we get something in between?

Why do we need to eat so much food from abroad, which can only be packed with preservatives to get here?

Why do fruits and veggies that are too big, too small, or just sort of weird looking get rejected by grocery stores and therefore go to waste?

What do we propose?

Being a misfit means you have the chance to explore more fits!

We took the grocery stores which give you the wider choice of what you might want to eat tonight, the idea of knowing what is going in your meal, the idea of being able to mix and match what you want to eat and since you are in control, you are most probably getting a better result than a fast food option and therefore a healthier result; and to top it off, you get to order it via delivery system and service geared for fast food.  So no booking slots and having to sit around waiting for us the following day.

Our line of products includes, precooked ingredients, called elements, because they will end up being a part of the meal you choose to make. We also have actual meal bundles serving you the quickest solution to a decent meal. Additionally, we added a list of the most important ingredients you might need to be able to prepare and cook different meals without having to order or visit a supermarket.

We try to source all our ingredients from local producers in an effort to provide you with seasonal and fresh products and at the same time minimize waste.

We’re always looking for great new farms and producers.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please reach out directly to our team at:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 77111122