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Farmers Corner

At the heart of what we do lays the fruit and veg section!

This is the craziest, messiest section but its where all the magic happens! Where Earth shows off its many colours!

We have tried to set up our fruit and veg department in a way that can best serve your weekly and daily needs by getting the best taste and nutrition with the most affordable prices available but always keeping sustainability in mind.

So now to introduce our team and our partners in crime!

Stephanie Polycarpou:

Stephanie is one of the first people to join our team. She is the go-to person for finding amazing local producers and a valuable member of our team.

Stephanie is a great believer that this planet can offer us everything we need for a happy, healthy and stress-free life and one seed at a time, she has been working tirelessly towards promoting better practices in seed collection and preservation of heirloom seeds, cultivation, processing, waste management, ethics and sustainability in Cyprus.

Her network consists of local farmers, who have been working the land and growing food for decades, and are now passing the knowledge to the younger generation. Even if they use modern methods and are forced to follow the fast rhythms of grown consumption and technology, they still work with the seasons, keeping seeds, handling their waste etc. We choose to work with them in order to bring you better options. They are located in different places in Cyprus – Mr. Michalis from Peristerona who supplies with just about anything seasonal and you can also find him at the OXI market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Mr. Stelios who is located in Kissonerga and does us the favour of going around the area and collecting from other producers, amazing products that he brings to Nicosia and Pambos in Ayios Theodoros – Larnaca who has taken over the business from his parents and has a very good understanding of seasonal sustainable growing methods.

Stephanie is also working with the younger generation of farmers who have adapted to the natural techniques of cultivation - a huge step into sustainable farming. We already secured a couple of collaborations like “Cocoon organics” and “Grow organics” located in the Solea Valley, situated in the foothills of Troodos.

Grow Organics

Eftihios, a farmer in the Solea valley, started his farm two years ago, after his studies as a technician for the production of organic products and his experience in Spain, where he worked at a local farm which follows the permaculture methods.

Recognising the need for environmentally friendly farming he entered the world of organic – natural farming. His principles are based on the protection of the environment, the respect towards nature, the maintenance of a living and healthy soil, the preservation of biodiversity, the reuse of materials and the utilisation of scientific methods as well as the local tradition.

He focuses on the production of quality produce and he is growing his vegetables and greens in a small piece of land in a beautiful location in Katydata village. His energy goes into slowly cultivating more land and creating a sustainable relationship with it, hoping to pass his love and commitment to nature to the generations to come.

We welcome him in our team and we stand next to him for his effort.


Nomads is a small permaculture inspired farm in Avgorou, Cyprus, promoting organic, conscious and regenerative agricultural practices.

Michalis had a career as a lawyer but at some point of his life he decided that he wanted to turn to something that would really have an impact on his personal life, but also on the lives of others and the planet. So he moved to Australia where he gained experience in regenerative farming during his stay in Australia, decided to bring back to life his family’s land in Avgorou. His goal is to build a resilient ecosystem that is to be enjoyed by the people, the animals of the farm and the local wildlife.

Michalis’ first move was to bring laying hens to the land and produce organic, free range eggs, which you can now find on our catalogue! The hens are out in the field all day, eat whatever grows on the land and lay their eggs at any time of the day!

This year he is focusing on the creation of a sustainable vegetable production unit and on planting many trees. The farm will soon offer a variety of fresh seasonal produce to its customers and at the same time it will secure even better quality, nutritious food for the hens.

We are really excited to collaborate with Michalis and be by his side as he is setting up his farm!

Join our farmers corner!

We’re always looking for great new farms and producers.


If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please contact us at

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